What does the smart city of the future look like?

Implementing smart tech in everything from led streetlights to smart garbage and recycling receptacles, data monitoring, and more may make cities safer and more efficient.

Perhaps new implementations will be able to even generate power for the city through solar power panels. The cities of the future may well be able to channel a lot of the sun and make it into energy instead of costing the city– and the taxpayer– precious money!

smart-city-lighting-nycBut cities are about the people that live within them instead of converting the sun into cash (although that is a great idea). The more safe and functional that they can be, the better off the residents will be. Smart cities will use tech in practical ways, not for entertainment.

Smart cities are slowly becoming a futuristic reality that is creeping into the present. But does this Jetsons type city of the future have more to offer than just vid-phone booths, automatic lighting, good parking options, and trash cans that let someone know when they’re full and ready to be picked up?

The city of the future will be sustainable and energy-efficient as well as socially friendly. Connected and futuristic, fast and innovative, this is going to help the community instead of dominate it. How?

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting gets more affordable all the time! That means better quality lighting for less, making streets consistently illuminated. “Smart” automated lighting may even provide the option for lights to turn on and off as needed on streets or walkways that are not being used at night time.

Smart Parking

Smart parking systems would allow for a better flow of traffic as well as easier parking. Apps could even let you know when a space opens up or whether you’ll have to go two blocks over to get a spot.

Smart Cameras

More eyes on crime, fires, and even medical emergencies that are being detected. You could be having a heart attack and have a computer call 911 on your behalf– and save your life– thanks to smart technology.

Electric Charge Stations for Vehicles

Electric vehicles might get a boost in the future with convenient electric charging stations. Cities may even integrate them into parking spaces for free or for a small fee.

Vehicle Communication

Cities themselves may not have this feature, but smart cars of the future may ‘talk’ to each other and avoid accidents and injury.

Smart Signs and Displays

Get directions, help, information and more with interactive and easy to use displays, signs, maps and more.

Data Collection

Data on everything from how full trash bins are to parking spaces available may help the city save money and be more efficient!

Green Public Transportation and Shuttles

Get around in future cities using convenient, safe, quick and easy public transportation. These systems may grow so advanced and efficient that commuting may become a much more popular choice than it even is today.

Think Big

A ‘smart’ city will think big and apply technology to meet social and practical city needs. A combination of sophisticated, useful and safe applications to improve the average resident and visitor’s quality of life may mean that the future’s smart city can’t come soon enough.