Onyx is a beautiful stone that is perfect for interior decorating. It’s a banded variety of the layered mineral chalcedony. These varieties come in every color and their exotic elegance has the capacity to completely transform and take over a room. Their bands can be in nearly every color, even black or white. These stones are also naturally translucent. What people do not always realize is this translucent property makes this stone a perfect candidate for backlighting; an effect that can be absolutely breathtaking. With just a little help from a backlight installation specialist, you can transform your Onyx into something extraordinary.

how to blacklight onyxBacklighting an exotic, translucent stone such as Onyx means that a number of its qualities literally get lit up for all to see. The stone takes on a completely different dimension; creating beautiful and unique patterns not seen when the Onyx is unlit. Colors in the Onyx may seem warmer, more vibrant; and each unique detail is able to be appreciated. Proper backlighting enables the stone to be lit up in such a way that every aspect and detail is highlighted, enhancing its natural wonder as the piece of beautiful art it is. The human eye and mind has a fondness for fractals and natural beauty, and these works of Onyx provide some of the most elegant natural beauty you’ll ever see. For this reason it has become increasingly popular with homes, lobbies, vertical installations, businesses, feature walls and other settings in need of some ‘wow’.

Vertical backlit installations allow Onyx to be prominently featured for maximum impact and full appreciation of its beauty. Home owners install backlit Onyx in their homes for countertops and small feature walls. Hotel installs are common at front desks or lobby walls and use the installation to showcase the rich beauty of the patterns in the stone. One type of Onyx growing in popularity thanks to its incredible appearance when backlit is White Onyx. The amazing tone on tone veined with different densities of white make it a favorite of many designers. So, if you’re looking for a showstopper for your business or personal space, Onyx may be it! Onyx has so much to offer; different types, thicknesses and colors which can be purchased either online or through local vendors. The availability is such that you can easily get an idea of what might be the best selection for your application.

Backlighting Onyx may seem simple to do, but there’s actually quite a bit to it, which can make the difference between a great install and an ‘ok’ install. If you know that you’re likely to use Onyx, you should first get in touch with a commercial backlight installer which has at least some experience. They should be able to give you tips and advice about the style of Onyx you will want to order as well as things you will need to consider regarding the construction of the cavity behind your Onyx. Consult with them about whether the Onyx you’re planning to use will be transparent enough to allow enough light through to showcase the stone. Thicker versions and certain veining types and colors of Onyx may get in the way of the process. Depending on the size of your project, thicker Onyx may needed for structure and the amount of translucence in your Onyx becomes more critical. Additionally, choosing the right lights to use are incredibly crucial, as this will make all the difference in your install; so be sure to talk over all the details with your backlight installation team.

Lastly, make sure that you’re working with a fabricator and team that you trust. If you can get a recommendation from a colleague or a friend, so much the better. Check out their site, evaluate their work, and meet with them in person and see if you might be a good fit. If you’re going to be paying for all that beautiful stone, you must showcase it in the right light! Trust us; no one who has ever chosen to install Onyx and add a backlight element has ever regretted it. Contact a commercial backlight installer, Onyx or lighting professional today.