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Conserving Energy Levels

Energy conservation, especially in regards to lighting, can be analogically explained using the example of a highway bridge. Basically, it is more practical and economical to lower the river or sea below a giant bridge as opposed to raising the bridge itself.  Similarly, when you need to reduce a lighting load, you ideally target, and [...]

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Client Psychology and Lighting Design

Design is a place where designer knowledge meets client needs. The goal of commercial lighting design is to meet requirements of a client as well as the space. A good designer discovers what their client wants and figures out how to achieve it. They make an effort to see a client's point of view. Great [...]

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8 Up and Coming Trends in Lighting Technology

There are big things happening right now in commercial and residential lighting! Check out our list of the top trends happening right now in lighting technology and get in on the know. 1. Connectivity You may have noticed that smart houses are all the rage. Connectivity is the latest trend in lighting technology, and it's [...]

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