• Stretch textile Non PVC, 70% light transmission
  • LED Roomside Maintenance
  • 500LM-1800LM per linear foot
  • 3.4W-13.3W per linear foot
  • 0-10V dimming, DMX or Dali controlled

NanoTex Surface mounted luminaire is illuminated with our LED Planar boards and features seamless 70% Non PVC cold stretch textile fabric. LED’s are spaced to blend together and illuminate without any LED imaging. Specify the length, width and LED choice best suited for your project. . Luminaries are  4.7”  or 3.14” deep, and customizable, contact us for specific project needs. Designed for a variety of applications: corporate, commercial, hospitality, multi-use facilities and retail.

NanoTex Surface mounted luminaries can be up 16’X 164’ utilizing one piece of fabric.

  • Static White, Tunable White, RGB & RGBW
  • Standard, Medium ,High or Very High Lumen Output
  • Customizable lumen output/watts available
  • Led’s: 1” or 2” OC
  • LED access roomside
  • Optional Upper Dust Layer
  • Optional Fabric Install

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