• Roomside LED access
  • Multiple fabric styles available
  • 2 lbs/sq. ft
  • Class A ASTM E84 rating
  • Up to 70% light transmission
  • Outputs up to 2000 lumens/sq. ft

The NanoTex Shape provides glare-free, seamless illumination with square luminaries in custom shapes and dimensions up to 164 feet thanks to factory-mounted LED boards with LEDs specifically spaced to blend and illuminate without imaging. The boards are mounted behind cold-stretch, sustainable, non-PVC* textile membranes available in various styles, and fixtures are available in static white, tunable white, RGB, and RGBW with 5 output levels and multiple dimming options, and is compatible with various ceiling types and mounting options. The Shape makes a unique and elegant lighting statement in corporate, retail, hospitality, or multi-use facilities.