• Cold Stretch textile Non PVC, 70% light transmission
  • LED Roomside Maintenance
  • 500LM-1800LM per square foot
  • 3.4W-13.3W per square foot
  • 0-10V dimming, DMX, Dali or Dim to Warm

Nanotex Round Recessed Luminaire is illuminated with our LED Planar boards and features seamless 70% Non PVC cold stretch textile fabric. LED’s are spaced to blend together and illuminate without any LED imaging. Specify diameter and LED choice best suited for your project. Housing is available for various ceiling styles, suspended grid, flanged, trimless, mud in trimless and wall to ceiling installations. Designed for a variety of applications: corporate, commercial, hospitality, multi-use facilities and retail.

  • Static White, Tunable White, RGB & RGBW
  • Standard, Medium, High or Very High Lumen Output
  • Customizable lumen output/watts available
  • LEDs: 1″ or 2″ OC
  • LED access roomside
  • Optional Fabric Install