Linear Product offering Expanded!  Static and Tunable White, super slim, less than .5”, 45 degree for corners and optical control, ranging from 10 to 90 degrees!

Wet listed Linear expansion! The 18 Series is a sleek micro linear product offering, the H Channel allows for all wiring to be contained within. Static, Tunable White, RGB & RGBW

Introducing NanoTex Round! NanoTex Round luminaires feature our 70% Non-PVC cold stretch fabric. We can also make oval shapes! NanoTex Round is available in recessed, surface and pendant mount.

Introducing NanoTex! NanoTex luminaries feature our 70% Non PVC cold stretch fabric. LED’s have roomside maintenance!  NanoTex is available in both recessed and surface forms, in linear, square and rectangle configurations

We are pleased to introduce a complete line of low profile, energy efficient, performance driven linear products.