nanometer lighting

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Project Engineer:

Job Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Prepare design specification, analysis, and recommendations for approval.
  • Creation of BOM of all components that will go into an assembled product and it will show each quantity required to make one assembly. These components will include subassemblies, purchased parts, manufactured parts, and raw materials. The BOM / PO shall also include the estimated time required for fabrication and assembly
  • Generating 3-D model assemblies, mechanical assemblies, detail drawings, customer drawings, and assembly/installation instruction sheets using AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and AUTODESK INVENTOR.
  • Create and modify detailed drawings from sketches, architectural plans, layouts, or notes.
  • Process job packages to production using SMARTSHEET Software.
  • Update existing designs and drawings.
  • Support other departments with illustrations, rendered models, and other documents as requested.
  • As required, plan and direct construction of mock-ups or prototypes using 3-D printer using XYZ-Pro software.
  • Monitors progress of development project and compares actual costs with estimates.
  • Assure that the customer is getting what they have ordered and are expecting.
  • Develop, evaluate, validate, and improve processes, procedures, and supplies focused on cost reduction, productivity, and quality.
  • Support operations and engineering in ide
  • Synthesizes complex or diverse information;
  • Collects and researches data and collates data for review by senior staff;
  • Aids designing work flows and procedures.
  • Identifying and correcting deviations from standard processes and quality.
  • Identification, analysis, and reduction of contamination sources during the processing of assembly.
  • Evaluation and development of new technology, materials, or suppliers for improving the overall process or cost.
  • Collect a wide range of data, analyze that data using MINITAB and MATLAB, use problem-solving skills, and then coming up with strategic solutions.
  • Prepare energy usage and expense modelling for client retail and office properties based on engineering plans, utility rates, and other relevant information.
  • Perform standard load/amperes calculations utilizing client/tenant space plans (mechanical, electrical, and lighting) to determine property and/or tenant space level electric usage and luminous factors.
  • Perform engineering analyses for commercial properties, specifically in relation to lighting system.
  • Perform on Specify requirements for special processes such as acceptable material, sand blasting requirements, weld procedures, blading, Anodize, modification in design (structural design analysis, revision on part design, or new part CAD drawing), welding.
  • Perform tensile and bending tests on lighting fixture’s materials to assure that components meets requirements.
  • Performing design calculations for structural steel, Aluminum, wood, light-gage metal, and foundation structures using the latest Codes and Standards;
  • Provide support in the verification of designs by building and testing models. Analyzing test data

Bachelor’s Degree required in Mechanical Engineering or Automation Engineering or Electrical Engineering

Please send your cover letter and resume to