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Lighting Design 101 

When it comes to lighting design, good design starts with identifying the needs of the space. From there, you can decide what surfaces you will be lighting and at what intensity. From there you can begin picking out your equipment. The average lighting system includes a light source, ballast or driver, lighting fixture, and controls. […]

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3 Essential Questions to Consider About Tunable-White Commercial LED Lighting

Business establishments are reliant on the commercial LED lighting they use. Why? Arguably, consumers do not necessarily trust stores with poor illumination or design. This is most notable in the Retail Market; clothing, cosmetics, paints, wall coverings, where people want to try, see touch or feel the products before purchasing them.  If there is not […]

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Tips For Back Lighting Onyx

Onyx is a beautiful stone that is perfect for interior decorating. It’s a banded variety of the layered mineral chalcedony. These varieties come in every color and their exotic elegance has the capacity to completely transform and take over a room. Their bands can be in nearly every color, even black or white. These stones […]

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8 Up and Coming Trends in Lighting Technology

There are big things happening right now in commercial and residential lighting! Check out our list of the top trends happening right now in lighting technology and get in on the know.

1. Connectivity
You may have noticed that smart houses are all the rage. Connectivity is the latest trend in lighting technology, and it’s definitely […]

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