912, 2019

Are LEDs Causing an Increase in Light Pollution?

Interpreting research findings is not as straightforward as most people want it to be. Majority of the public often want black-and-white answers and simplistic conclusions rather than the complex results that researchers tend to release. However, it is important to note that science and technology are complex specialties, and for this reason, any research revolving around these studies requires carefully thought answers. With that said, a recent study published in the Scientific Advances journal is a good example of how researchers conduct their studies and interpret research findings. The research, which was carried out at the German Research Center, indicates [...]

1011, 2019

The Light To The Rescue

In the words of the great Dale Carnegie, the need to feel wanted is the most superior of human needs. Indeed, wanting to feel wanted is a key human motivator and drives most of us to find our purpose. In a couple of our conferences a few years ago, we listened to David DiLaura present his amazing work, titled History of Light and Lighting. Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone in those meetings, but the content therein was presented in a way that made me, as a lighting expert, feel valuable to the world at large. Typically, the paper touched [...]

510, 2019

A Breakthrough in Battery Storage

Most of the electricity we use in our homes, schools and offices are transmitted via the grid. However, grid power is not convenient to all, and some owners of large housing complexes, institutions, and malls prefer to generate their own power via an on-site microgrid.  While most people prefer renewable power sources, the truth is that they are not always reliable. For one, the sun only shines for a few hours per day, and the wind isn't always blowing throughout the day. Consequently, people who have renewable power facilities often find themselves depending on their local grid or lithium-ion batteries, [...]

1309, 2019

What’s New in Energy Conservation & Safety

According to various satellite images, there is an increased night sky glow in most developing areas. The light mainly arises from bright signage, new buildings, and LED-lit roads - which sends both direct and indirect (reflected) light to the sky. The situation It's so bad that in New York, there are plans to force owners of non-residential buildings to declare (through signage) how much they have reduced their energy loads. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power and Reducing Loads Over the years, photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have become cheaper and more efficient to a point where the output per square foot is [...]

2108, 2019

A Look at Software for Lighting Control Systems

Following various advancements in technology, smart buildings are rapidly becoming the standard, particularly in the commercial sector. One notable IoT solution that is seemingly becoming a mainstay in most commercial buildings is lighting control systems. These systems offer flexibility, increased energy efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced convenience. Nevertheless, these systems cannot work effectively without appropriate software programs. Fundamentally, software plays a crucial role in commissioning, operating, and analyzing lighting control systems. Therefore, it is important for manufacturers to make software that is robust, portable, and easy to work with.  Operational intent and commissioning Software comes in handy in designating control [...]