1305, 2021

Can Retail Stores Survive?

This is a question that has been on many minds over the last few years as e-commerce - and now COVID-19 - brought thousands of retail stores to their knees. And it is not just your local stores that have been affected. Macy's has announced the looming closure of 100 of its 650 stores while JCPenney plans to close shop in 138 locations. Now, factor in the small and medium-sized stores that have gone down in the past year and it would be hard to not be apprehensive about the future.   What Does This Mean for the Lighting Industry? [...]

1504, 2021

Taking a Look at Software Controls

Computer hardware is practically useless without software. Software is the program that is required to fulfill the processing, input, output, storage, and control of the actions of data systems. We are all using software on our computers, or mobile devices in the form of applications, and information services; many of which we install, or connect over the internet.  Even if we decide to switch off the computers, phones, or refuse to touch keypads all day, we will still use various forms of software when watching our favorite TV programs, listening to the chimes from our video doorbells, or by adjusting [...]

2403, 2021

Lighting Product Safety Threats

The first time you ride a roller coaster, you'll experience thrills and uncertainties at the same time. The ride starts with a smooth ascent to the top. Upon reaching the apex, a mixed feeling of both fear and happiness drives in. And then all of sudden, the coaster drops at lightning speed, which engulfs your brain with question marks on what to expect next.  Just like a roller coaster ride, the product safety industry at times faces similar uncertainties. We are never certain of when we will reach the bottom or conclusion of what some may deem has been a [...]

2002, 2021

Terminology For Lighting Control Systems

Through the years, many attendees of industry trade shows and conferences were no doubt left confused by the complex terminology used by various manufacturers to describe their offerings. And the more exhibitor booths one went to, the less they understood whatever was being said.  But really, how can such a simple concept like lighting control systems become so hard to grasp in theory?  To answer that, we need to understand how technical jargon became so prevalent in the lighting industry, and what can be done to make things simpler for the ordinary person.  Operational System  This is basically the description of [...]

1901, 2021

Lighting Impact on Human Health

LED lighting systems are always praised for their durability and low cost, but from another perspective, their most important quality is their flexibility in terms of controlling light intensity, spectrum, and duration. These control options are poised to be very important in the coming days, as we continue developing knowledge on the effects of lighting on our health and productivity.  Indeed, there is a growing body of evidence to the effect that lighting can affect melatonin production and secretion, and consequently affect sleeping patterns. However, there's not much in the way of actual research findings, seeing as most studies have [...]

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