1306, 2019

What a Smart City May Look Like

What does the smart city of the future look like? Implementing smart tech in everything from led streetlights to smart garbage and recycling receptacles, data monitoring, and more may make cities safer and more efficient. Perhaps new implementations will be able to even generate power for the city through solar power panels. The cities of the future may well be able to channel a lot of the sun and make it into energy instead of costing the city-- and the taxpayer-- precious money! But cities are about the people that live within them instead of converting the sun into cash [...]

2105, 2019

Lighting: What’s New and Exciting

What is new and exciting right now in the world of lighting? When it comes to lights and lighting design, quite a bit! Putting new tech and fancy designs temporarily aside, energy codes are having a big impact. That's partly due to when municipalities were left to decide which code they wanted to put into law. One thing control manufacturers are putting out there is the idea of placing sensors in lights. They'd measure humidity, temperature, and more in the room. Would it work, and what trades would be making and installing or checking on these sensors? It's not known [...]

1204, 2019

LEDs in Agricultural Applications (Part 1)

When it comes to lighting, there are a lot of applications that it can be used for. With technology and products being increasingly refined and sophisticated, there are so many uses when it comes to lighting, and they number among the practical as well as the decorative. You may be wondering whether lights that use LED technology can be utilized in agricultural applications. The short answer is yes, and farmers and gardeners as well as businesses are using their power to generate profits and more. It is a well known fact that the idea of the LED light is more [...]

1601, 2019

Lighting Psychology in Restaurants

Lighting helps set the mood, tone, and ambience of a place. It can help accent a structure's expression and complement the space. It can entice a diner to stay a while and linger, create an air of community or intimacy. Of course, the architecture and design of a place and even the shade of paint on the walls can contribute quite a bit to the creation of an atmosphere. However, the type of light that is used and its placement that allows us to see them can is even more important. Light fixtures and intent can be a huge part [...]

1912, 2018

Lighting and Productivity

Lighting and Human Performance When it comes to the world, we see it mostly in a visual way. Light processed by our eyes and brain delivers a perception. With perception being reality, does the way that a space is lit affect or alter reality? The average American spends quite a bit of time indoors, with power-driven lighting. What most people don't think about is the intent behind lighting design. Lighting is created as well as designed, selected, installed, and controlled by people. Lighting can affect performance directly as well as indirectly. Lighting alters what we see and causes direct effects [...]