commercial-and-residential-lighting-manhattan-nyThere are big things happening right now in commercial and residential lighting! Check out our list of the top trends happening right now in lighting technology and get in on the know.

1. Connectivity
You may have noticed that smart houses are all the rage. Connectivity is the latest trend in lighting technology, and it’s definitely bringing us that futuristic feel a few years ahead of schedule! Having digital control over your lights and being able to program them or operate them remotely or via voice is the next level of lighting technology. The new developments have the potential to revolutionize the home and make living in a regular home with ‘smart home’ capacities a reality for everyone in the next five years.

2. Higher Quality
We’ve all seen terrible lighting and horrible utilization of cutting-edge LED technology. With poor products come poor results, and the trend now in lighting is a drastic swing towards quality. Keep your eye out for TM-30, a new standard in measuring lighting quality. (See for more info on this)

3. Built-In Light
LED was a big game changer when it came on the market, due to this rapidly changing technology. Also, LED’s have a lot longer shelf life than other types of lights. However, the trend towards built in lights may backfire when new lights come on the market. The trend is still to have external, movable models in addition to built in LED just to be safe.

4. Power Tech
Drivers are the first part of a lighting system, but now some companies are getting rid of them completely. Some lights are coming out that don’t even need drivers, and some are even sourcing their power from Ethernet. This type of power tech is a growing trend in the industry and new power technologies will effectively start changing the way lights source their power.

5. Wireless
Going wireless is the latest trend world wide, so it should come as no surprise that it’s starting to make its way into the lighting world as well. Technologies that use power line communication and radio frequencies to control lighting are going to be appearing more frequently in the lighting world, so be ready. Wireless control of lighting in the home is already becoming common. Expect the trend to continue.

6. Healthy Lighting
With more research being done into lights, wave spectrums, and how certain colors affect our moods, productivity, and more, healthy lighting and health-oriented lights are getting their time to shine. The LEDs used and the tech is relatively simple, but the effects they can have are extraordinary. Even medical facilities are putting this tech into play, using blue light in calming situations for surgery, for instance, or red to promote faster healing. It’s a big trend in lighting that’s getting a lot of press– as it should!

7. New Material
Several new materials promise to revolutionize lighting, including Nobel Prize recipient Shuji Nakamura, whose violet LEDs use a base of gallium nitride over sapphire to render better colors and also promote longevity and efficiency. It’s just one of many materials such as graphene that are making waves in the lighting community.

8. LED Application
LEDs have been around for some time, but not everyone’s adopting them. LED is starting to be embraced thanks to their benefits and old world lighting tech is starting to be utilized less and less. That’s why LED is still one of the top trends in lighting today.