Commercial led lightingBusiness establishments are reliant on the commercial LED lighting they use. Why? Arguably, consumers do not necessarily trust stores with poor illumination or design. This is most notable in the Retail Market; clothing, cosmetics, paints, wall coverings, where people want to try, see touch or feel the products before purchasing them.  If there is not enough or too much light in the space, or the quality of light is poor, the consumer will not be able to adequately judge whether an item suits them or not, thus putting the purchase in jeopardy.

Wanting to keep your new and returning clients satisfied is a sufficient reason for a store owner to take advantage of high-quality commercial LED lighting. Just in case you are not aware of one of the latest trends about them, you should know more and more companies are being taken over by tunable-white LEDs – not by force, but by the practicality and flexibility that people clamor for.

There are various kinds of tunable lighting products, how do you discern which one is appropriate for your store?  Here are 3 essential things to consider for tunable-white LED lighting before you embark on your task.

1. Cool or warm?

White is the color of LEDs, but you must recollect from your science class, white is produced by mixing all colors. Therefore, in order to have tunable-white, certain channels must be controlled. In one location, you may see a bright, blue-white light and in another- a warmer, glowing, incandescent white light. They are both ‘white’ but due to the diversity in color temperature, one is cooler

[brighter, crisper, stark] and one is warmer [comfortable, moodier, less harsh]. You get to decide if you want your place to be lit by cool- or warm-toned LEDs!

2. How’s your budget?

Tunable-white comes from different manufacturers, with different capabilities. Pricing is not the one-size-fits-all type, so you have to be certain about how much you are willing to spend on your new lighting. As a tip, less costly commercial LED lighting may seem like a great choice initially, but they typically will not guarantee a product’s longevity or if it may need abrupt replacement.  No one wants to deal with lights out in a store!  If budget is not an issue, try to quiz the vendor about the capabilities a certain product has or the control options available.  Let’s just say, coordinating your interior lighting to a particular mood, time of day, or even following the daylight schedule in your area could make for happier customers in your establishment.  They look better, feel better and have an overall positive, stress-free experience.

3. How much control do you want to have?

Lastly, ask yourself where you want to install this LED, where will it benefit you the most? Having a tunable-white system means that you can regulate the brightness that bathes the entire place, but as we have already recognized above, not all of them have been crafted the same way. Some you can change from being as faint as candlelight to being almost sunnier than the sun; others offer minimal color variation. Hence, how much control you want to have over the product should be considered as well.

Commercial LED lighting in the form of a tunable-white system can bring recompensing outcomes for your business. You have gained the basic ideas a buyer should know about through this article, take a look at your store and your budget and you are all set to contact your LED supplier. Good luck!